Frangipani List

AUSSIE GOLD RUSH (New): A bold, bright, prolific, pink, medium/large frangipani.
APRICOT: Dark apricot
BLOOD RED: A very dark red Frangipani. A very popular Frangipani.
BALI PALACE: An exceptional variety with golden yellow blooms and very unusual petals.
BLACK JACK: (NEW) Scented blood red flowers with dark, almost black, foliage.
BLACK JACK SISTER: (NEW) Scented soft pink flowers with slightly darker foliage.
CHERRY CLUSTERS: Semi-dwarf clusters of red flowers.
DARK NIGHT: This attractive Frangipani has large fragrant garnet red flowers.
DARWIN BLOOD: A true red with uniquely shaped petals with wavy edged on thinner margins. The flowers have a spicy aroma which becomes stronger when picked.
DARWIN BLUES’: (NEW) Has lilac to blue petals. Grows from 1-3mtre. Has a faint scent.
DARWIN CANDY “O”: Striped pink centred flower with rounded petals.
DARWIN MONSOON: Multi coloured pink/yellow. Very tropical.
DARWIN PETITE PINK OBTUSA: True dwarf scented pale pink flowers. (This Frangipani is also known as Dwarf Pink Singapore) Ideal for hedging, topiary and pot culture. Highly perfumed.
DARWIN YELLOW: A very showy yellow whirl of single flowers with an accentuated curl on the margins, tightly packed. Light yellow margin, coming deep yellow to the centre.
ESPINDA (NEW): Pink with small, brilliant yellow centre. Oval petal with rounded tip with round tip. Slight coconut fragrance.
EVERLASTING LOVE PUDICA: Unusual foliage, small tree. Pure white flowers.
FRUIT SALAD: Tricolour
GEORGE BROWN: Scented lavender with light brown centre to lavender shading to outer edges. A very unusual Frangipani, a must for any garden.
GOLD COAST COTTON CANDY: Reddish pink with yellow centre.
HAWAIIAN SUNSET: Beautiful hot pink with orange yellow centre. Once established flowers profusely and have a sweet fragrance.
HEIDI: Beautiful yellow curled petals fading to white edge.
HONEY AND ME: A beautiful Frangipani with large petals. It has pink edges and a yellow orange centre. quite a fast grower.
KIMO: Gorgeous addition, starts deep orange yellow streaked centre blending to pink. Lemon lime fragrance.
LEMON DROP: Yellow with a lemon fragrance. A very strong growing Frangipani. Very wide petals.
LEMON SHELL: Unusual whirled effect when this pale lemon beauty is partially opened.
LULU: Large pale pink dark edged flowers.
LULU’S BLOOD (NEW): A magnificent flower to add to our collection. The same shape as Lu Lu but with dark pink/red petals. Medium/large Frangipani.
MAUI SUNSET(NEW): Very unusual cultivar, petals are slightly twisted and overlapping with soft pointed tips. The flowers are mixed with gorgeous red, oranges, yellows and pinks. Sweet Frangipani fragrance and good keeping quality.
OCEAN WAVES: (NEW) This evergreen plumeria with all its beauty in full bloom has giant scented flower and wave like petals.                                                                           PINK: Pink petals fading to a deeper pink centre.
PAVLOVA PASSION: This is a beautiful buttercup yellow. A very sought after Frangipani.
PURE PASSION: Has large fragrant deep pink to red flowers.
RASPBERRY ROYAL: This attractive Frangipani has large fragrant deep pink to deep red flowers.
SALLY MORANGE: Starts deep orange yellow, streaked centre blending to pink. Strong sweet fragrance.
SWEET ALOHA: Soft white petals with a brilliant golden centre.
SYDNEY 2000: A scented striking flower with yellow centre. Blends to a faded pink with a bright pink edge. A truly beautiful Frangipani.
SINGAPORE WHITE OBTUSA: Popular evergreen large tree. White flowers with an orange/yellow centre.
SNOW WHITE: A beautiful perfumed Frangipani, white with small yellow centre.
TRADITIONAL WHITE: This is one of our most popular Frangipanis with a beautiful perfume to bring thoughts of a tropical island.
TEQUILA SUNRISE: Deep red/pink petals blending to an orange yellow centre.
THAI BEAUTY: (NEW) Large scented flowers. Grows to 3tmrs.
TRI COLOUR: Red /pink yellow pink throat, multi colours.

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