Growing Guide for Azaleas & Camellias

These plants are naturally easy to grow and trouble free.   Here are a few pointers to
take into consideration when planting and growing these delightful garden specimens.

POSITION :  Azaleas & camellias can be grown in almost any position in the garden, from fullsun to complete shade. Most varieties will also grow well in tubs.

SOIL : Good drainage is essential. Acid soil with a ph of 5.5- 6.5 (most Aust. soils are
suitable). Plant to a depth of the original container. Dig hole twice the size of the
original container and back fill in around the new plant with Pioneer Gardens Nursery
Azalea and Camellia Potting and Planting Mix. Do not plant any deeper than they are in their original pot. After planting give a good watering and apply SEASOL at a rate
of 1ml per 1lt of water and apply monthly.

FERTILIZING : Fertilize Azaleas & camellias in September with 9 month Slow Release and a mulch of crushed pine bark. (You can use sheep or cow, but try to use pine bark as well.)

WATERING : Should be moist at all times but not water logged. When watering, water well and deeply.

PRUNING : With Azaleas prune undesirable branches after flowering and tip prune any long shoots to keep the plant bushy.

PEST AND DISEASE  CONTROL :  Azaleas & camellias are hardy and reasonably free of pests. Red spider, thrips, lace bug and scale are the most common and all can be controlledby using any number of the available recommended pesticides. (we recommend using Confidor)
Petal blight on azaleas can be a nuisance but can be controlled by a regular applications of Mancozeb.

TUB CULTURE : Most azaleas grow well in tubs. The secret is to plant them in a good
Azalea/Camellia  potting mix and not let them dry out. In winter don’t over water. Too much unused soil around their shallow roots can cause root rot.

5 Responses to Growing Guide for Azaleas & Camellias

  1. Marie Weatherburn says:

    I have brought five camellias from your nursery and are all flowing beautifully.

    I have a question regarding the bulbs I have three developing on the one stem should I de bud one off to help the others to flower better?

    Thanking you
    Regards Marie

  2. Sharleen says:

    I have some beautiful azaleas in pots and was wondering if they would live ok in the heat of Broome WA?
    When transporting them they will spend days in a removals truck. What is the best thing to do to ensure they survive the transport?
    Kind regards

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